16. - 17. October
MariborHotel City Maribor
SeeMeet Slovenia 2019
Growing bigger and more successful
SeeMeet Slovenia 2019
Growing bigger and more successful

SEE MEET Slovenia 2020

The 4th edition of SEE MEET, the 2-day international B2B event of SouthEast Europe, will be organized on October 16th and 17th in Maribor, Slovenia.

In just two days, you get an opportunity to conduct up to 15 individual meetings with potential business partners, introduce yourself and establish contacts, or start a future project.

You are welcome to attend SEE MEET Slovenia 2019 and choose companies that best suit your needs and interests.

The organizers and their partners, have again attracted a wide array of companies both by their respective field of work or country of origin.

We’re looking forward to see you!

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different countries

We are happy to announce:
One of the more prominent companies
that is going to attend SEE MEET 2019

(Yaskawa Ristro and Yaskawa Europe Robotics).

Yaskawa is looking for suppliers and new business partners in various fields.
They are particularly interested in suppliers involved in welding, machining process, milling, bending, laser cutting, casting, mechanical processing and electrical installers.

They are also looking for suppliers of pulleys, gears, seals and O-rings.

All manufacturers must be ISO9000 certified.

Another prominent company
that is going to attend SEE MEET 2019

REVOZ is looking for potential suppliers to provide next services:

  • Industrial cleaning
  • Locksmith work
  • Installation of machines and robots
  • Line automation

Don`t miss this opportunity!

“Meetings, conversations, personal contacts are things that build good and long-term partner relationships among companies.”

Aleš Cantaruti
Aleš Cantaruti
State Secretary

“An excellent business opportunity to get in touch and connect with potential business partners.”

Tamara Markotić
Tamara Markotić

“SEEmeet is a great event and we would like to participate in the future with even more companies. I am looking forward to collaborate with you in the future.
See you next year!”

Okay Basbug
Okay Basbug
World Trade Center Istanbul

“After the first day of business meetings with companies and clients, I am very surprised and satisfied with the proceeds.”

Vesna Raković
Vesna Raković
Mood Food

“Through this event, companies can find foreign business partners and other possible links for doing and finding business.”

Irena Meterc
Irena Meterc
SPIRIT Slovenia